10 thoughts on “The short, intriguing career of Public History Ryan Gosling

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    • Hey Adina,

      Thanks so much for the question. Both the Ad Agency and Library Ryan Gosling varieties began after we started PHRG in early November 2011. That’s not to say we weren’t interested in Ryan Gosling memes, however. When we got started, we were inspired by the Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr written by University of Wisconsin Women’s Studies grad student Danielle Henderson which began in October 2011. Before we started PHRG, this was the only Ryan Gosling meme I knew (though I cannot speak for my partner in crime Rachel Boyle).

  2. Love this post and its interest in prodding public historians to be a bit more creative and playful. Part of the goal, it seems, is raising visibility for us. Public history has its institutions and degrees, but it’s not something that the average person knows about. I think we’d be hard pressed to look for better models than our colleagues in the library world, who have very successfully used the modalities of internet interactivity to strengthen their community and raise visibility.

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  5. I really enjoyed the presentation you two (and the other panelists as well!) gave at the NCPH in Ottawa in April. It has been in my head for weeks and will help inform and inspire many projects I will engage in with high school teachers next year in Quebec. Just to let you know, I link back to this conversation from my (rather casual) blog post entitled “3 a.m. blogging, and why social sciences (/school) should be social, and public!” at

    Also, I would love to get a copy of that Prezi you showed. Any chance of that being linked to from here?

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