The NCPH sustainability survey: An invitation

globe puzzleOver the past decade a growing number of public historians have responded to debates about climate change and the need for sustainable communities by making sustainability a central focus of their professional work. These efforts were initially informal, but as Leah Glaser described in a post earlier this year, in recent years there has been a push to incorporate issues of sustainability into the mission and work of the National Council on Public History.

In response to the report produced by the Working Group on Sustainability that formed for the NCPH annual meeting in 2012, the board of the NCPH approved the formation of a Task Force on Environmental Sustainability and Public History. The members of the task force are currently engaged in drafting a white paper for the 2014 annual meeting in Monterey. As part of its work to determine how environmental sustainability might fit within NCPH’s mission, the task force has written a short survey to gauge the current state of affairs in the public history profession and public history education and to provide suggestions for future actions and possible follow-up projects. We invite you to complete the survey and to help us learn more about the current level of concern about issues of environmental sustainability.  The survey should take about 10 minutes.

Click here to go to the survey.

~ Melinda Marie Jetté is Associate Professor of History and Public History Program Coordinator at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire.