Professional opportunities Aug. 19, 2014

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The Social Value of Museums: Inspiring Change (American Alliance for Museums conference) – April 26-29, 2015, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
DEADLINE to start session proposals: Aug. 25, 2014

CFP:Anniversaries,” 2015 Virginia Forum – March 12-14, 2015, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.
DEADLINE: Sept. 15, 2014

CONF: “Historic Landscapes Symposium: Telling the Garden’s Story” – Oct. 15-17, 2014, Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.

EDU:Getting Ready for Grants” (Aug. 26) and “Writing the Grant – What’s the Process Like?” (Aug. 27) webinars from American Association for State and Local History

REV: Holocaust Memory Reframed: Museums and the Challenges of Representation (Hansen-Glucklich)

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Professional opportunities Aug. 12, 2014

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ANNCT: The Commonwealth Association of Museums is conducting a survey of the multiple ways in which museums interact with various communities as part of a larger study of museums and participatory governance.
DEADLINE: Aug. 22, 2014

AWARD: Society for History in the Federal Government Invites Nominations For the 2015 John Wesley Powell Prize to an individual or collaborators for a major historical display or exhibit completed in 2013 or 2014, including any form of interpretive historical presentation (eg. museum exhibits, historical films, CD/DVDs, websites, or multi-media displays)
DEADLINE: Nov. 30, 2014

CFP:The Life of Things,” 2014 WIP (Work-in-Progress) Conference – Sept. 29-30, 2014, Brisbane, Australia

CONF:Reparative Histories: Radical Narratives of ‘Race’, and Resistance” – Sept. 11-12, 2014, Brighton, UK

CONF:Meant to Last? Preserving the Modern & Contemporary” – Oct. 27-28, 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

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Professional opportunities Aug. 6, 2014

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AWARD: The Society for History in the Federal Government (SHFG) seeks entries for its 2015 Thomas Jefferson Prize for documentary editions published in 2013 or 2014 that contribute significantly to the understanding of the history of the U.S. federal government.
DEADLINE: Nov. 30, 2014

CFP: Exhibitionist Journal, Spring 2015 Issue Theme, “The nimble and responsive exhibition
DEADLINE: Sept. 3, 2014

CFP:Historical Culture in Divided Societies. From Theory to Practice” – Dec. 18-20, 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus
DEADLINE: Sept. 14, 2014

CFP:Oral History and Education” edited volume, Dr. Kristina R. Llewellyn and Dr. Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, eds.
DEADLINE: Sept. 30, 2014

EDU: National Association for Interpretation (NAI) workshop – Sept. 10-13, Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.

FUNDING: Fellowships at George Washington’s Mount Vernon for scholars studying Washington and his period
DEADLINE: Nov. 15, 2014

REV: Pennsylvania in Public Memory: Reclaiming the Industrial Past (Kitch)

REV: Public Properties: Museums in Imperial Japan (Noriko)

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Professional opportunities July 29, 2014

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CFP: Third International Graduate Students’ Conference on Genocide Studies: The State of Research 100 Years after the Armenian Genocide – April 9-11, 2015, Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S.
DEADLINE: Aug. 15, 2014

CFP: Eleventh Annual Loyola University Chicago History Graduate Student Conference – Nov. 15, 2014, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
DEADLINE: Aug. 25, 2014

CFP:Lost Museums: Colloquium on the Ephemerality and Afterlives of Museum Collections” – May 7-8, 2015, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
DEADLINE: Sept. 15, 2014

CFP:Museums and Visitor Photography” – submissions sought for forthcoming book from MuseumsEtc., edited by Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert
DEADLINE: Sept. 15, 2014

CFP:Rights, Riots and Reactions,” 35th Annual Meeting of the Indiana Association of Historians – Feb. 28, 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.
DEADLINE: Nov. 10, 2014

CONF: Seventh International Conference on the Inclusive Museum – Aug. 4-6, 2014, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

CONF: 31st Annual Nursing and History Health Care Research Conference – Sept. 18-21, 2014, Hartford and Storrs, Connecticut, U.S.

EDU:Cultural Heritage On The Road: The Caravanserais Of Turkey” workshop, Oct. 18-22, 2014, Kayseri, Turkey
DEADLINE: Sept. 15, 2014

EDU:Understanding Audiences” with Max von Balgooy – Sept. 22, 2014, Edison, New Jersey, U.S.

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Professional opportunities July 23, 2014

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ANNCT: Boundary Objects is an international network for early career researchers working with museums and collections, run by and for its members.

CFP: Nigerian Oral Literature Association conference – Aug. 13-15, 2014, Benin-City, Nigeria
DEADLINE: July 30, 2014

CFP:Famines during the ‘Little Ice Age’ (1300-1800): Socio-natural entanglements in premodern societies” – Feb. 19-20, 2015, Heidelberg, Germany
DEADLINE: Sept. 15, 2014

CFP:Museums Mean Business,” Museum Association of New York Annual Conference – April 12-14, 2015, Corning, New York, U.S.
DEADLINE: Sept. 19, 2014

CFP: Re-Membering: International Struggle for Civil and Human Rights,” International Summit on Civil and Human Rights – Feb. 26-28, 2015, Kennesaw, Georgia, U.S.
DEADLINE: Oct. 30, 2014

CFP: Kansas City’s Golden Age? The Interwar Period, 1918-1941” – Spring 2016, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.
DEADLINE: Oct. 17, 2014

CFP:Outside the Gallery: Public Sculpture in New England” – March 14, 2014, Deerfield, Massachusetts, U.S.
DEADLINE: Oct. 30, 2014

CONF: Annual Conference of the International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities (CAMOC) – Aug. 6-9, 2014, Gothenberg, Sweden

EDU: Fellowships in Digital Arts and Humanities at University College Cork, Ireland

FUNDING: 2015-16 Hench Post-Dissertation Fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society
DEADLINE: Oct. 15, 2014

PUB: Praeger seeks authors for trade and library books in history, politics, popular culture

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Professional opportunities July 8, 2014

CFP: One week left to submit a proposal for the 2015 National Council on Public History conference – April 15-18, 2015, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
DEADLINE: July 15, 2015

CFP:Learning Together Conference – Museums and Cities of Culture for All” – Sept. 11-12, 2014, Limerick, Ireland
DEADLINE: July 16, 2014

CFP:The Life of Things”/18th Annual WIP (Work-In-Progress) Conference – Sept. 29-30, 2014, Brisbane, Australia
DEADLINE: July 31, 2014

CFP: “Visible Lives in Material Things: Visual and Material Culture and Irish Cultural History” – contributions sought for edited volume
DEADLINE: Sept. 1, 2014

EDU: Online Oral History Workshop from Baylor University – Aug. 13 and 20, 2014

PUB: Shadows of the Slave Past: Memory, Heritage, and Slavery (Ana Lucia Araujo)

PUB: Journal of the History of Collections, Vol. 26, No. 2 (July 2014)

REV: Remembering the Revolution: Memory, History, and Nation Making from Independence to the Civil War (McDonnell, Corbould, Clarke, and Brundage, eds.)

Project showcase: “Cotton Memories” sessions

Cotton Kingdom SymposiumAs part of a larger project focusing on the history and legacy of cotton-picking and sharecropping in the Mississippi Delta, the non-profit organization Khafre, Inc. is holding weekly sessions throughout the summer of 2014 to gather memories and oral histories from people with roots in the Delta region, especially older African Americans with first-hand knowledge of work in “America’s Cotton Kingdom.” Khafre is based in Indianola, Mississippi, and is led by C. Sade Turnipseed, an educator and cultural preservationist who is compiling the data for a doctoral dissertation in the Public History program at Middle Tennessee State University.

Khafre, Inc. and Turnipseed are working to inspire a “community-driven historic preservation” movement that brings together heritage tourism with community empowerment and commemoration. They hope to reframe public perceptions of cotton-picking, sharecropping, and tenant farming through public education programs and the establishment of a “place” planned as the Cotton Pickers of America Monument complex (Sharecroppers’ House Museum and Sharecroppers Interpretive Center), designed by sculptor Ed Dwight for Mound Bayou in Bolivar County.

This fall will see the third annual “Sweat Equity Investment in the Cotton Kingdom” symposium and Cotton Pickers Ball event at Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, a gathering that combines performance, scholarship, memorializing, and fund-raising. (The poster for the 2013 event is shown above.) The summer 2014 “Cotton Memories” sessions will take place in two locations: da’ House of Khafre in Indianola on Wednesday afternoons and at Mound Bayou City Hall on Thursday afternoons. More information about the sessions and the larger project can be found on Khafre’s website.

Professional opportunities June 24, 2014

ANNCT: American Association for State and Local History Announces 77 2014 Leadership in History Award Winners

CFP: Remembering Jerusalem – Nov. 6-7, 2014, London, U.K.
DEADLINE: July 1, 2014

EDU: Introduction to Museum Security online course from Northern States Conservation Center – July 7-Aug. 1, 2014

CONF: House and Home, Northeast Historic Film Symposium – July 24-26, 2014, Bucksport, Maine, U.S.

CONF:I Resolved Never to Be Conquered”: Women and the Underground Railroad, 2014 National Underground Railroad Conference – July 16-20, 2014, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

CONF: Quarantine: History, Heritage, Place – Aug. 14-15, 2014, Sydney, Australia

EDU: Winterthur Institute 2014 – Sept. 8-19, 2014, Winterthur, Delaware, U.S. (Some scholarship funding available, application due July 18, 2014)
DEADLINE: Aug. 8, 2014

FUNDING: Fulbright Scholar opportunities for public historians
DEADLINE: Aug. 1, 2014
Cultural Resource Management/Ukraine
Cultural and Heritage Studies/Zimbabwe

PUB: Environmental History, Vol. 19, No. 3 (July 2014)

Professional opportunities June 17, 2014

CFP: ICTOP Conference Rethinking Museums & Sustainable Development for the Global Profession: Postcolonial Museology, Appropriate Capacity Building and Regional Engagement – Oct. 21-25, 2014, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
DEADLINE: June 30, 2014

CFP:American Vernaculars,” New York Metro American Studies Association (NYMASA) conference – Nov. 15, 2014, New York, New York, U.S.
DEADLINE: July 15, 2014

CFP: Issue 4 of Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture
DEADLINE: Sept. 30, 2014

CONF: Preparing for Post-collapse? Environmental Humanities Symposium, Zurich, June 18-21, 2014

CONF:Documents without Borders,” 2014 Document Academy conference – Aug. 7-9, 2014, Kent, Ohio, U.S.

FUNDING: Charlton Oral History Grant – Baylor University Institute for Oral History
DEADLINE: July 4, 2014