Professional opportunities April 22, 2014

ANNCT: Ford’s Theatre, Washington, D.C. invites input from audiences, teachers, scholars on new digital project, “Remembering Lincoln
Survey can be accessed here

CFP:Why Does it Happen? Complicity and Resistance to Genocide in World History” – Oct. 10-11, 2014, Grand Rapids, Michigan
DEADLINE: May 1, 2014

CFP: Special Issue of Letras Hispanas: “Paperless Text: Digital Storytelling in Latin America and Spain (1983-2013)
DEADLINE: Aug. 1, 2014

CFP: Southern Labor Studies Association Conference – March 5-8, 2015. College Park, Maryland and Washington, D.C., U.S.
DEADLINE: Sept. 1, 2014

CFP: The Equal Rights Amendment in the 21st Century – special issue of Frontiers: Journal of Women’s Studies
DEADLINE: Oct. 1, 2014

CONF: Exchanging Photographs, Making Knowledge (1890-1970) – June 20-21, 2014, Leicester, U.K.

CONF: Learning Together International Conference: Museums and Cities of Culture for All – Sept. 11-13, 2014, Limerick, Ireland

EDU: Summer field exploration of the coexistence between historic and modern Athens, Greece – June 29-July 10, 2014
DEADLINE: May 1, 2014

REV: The Dunning School: Historians, Race, and the Meaning of Reconstruction” (Smith, Lowery, and Vincent, eds.)

“History on the Edge”: Call for proposals for 2015 NCPH Annual Meeting


Music clubs on Broadway, Nashville. Photo credit: Chuck Kramer

The 2015 Annual Meeting of the National Council on Public History will take place from April 15-18, 2015, in Nashville, Tennessee.  The conference theme is “History on the Edge.”

Edges are where exciting things happen. Some are stark boundaries, marking clear beginnings and ends, while others are blurred contact zones. Edges can be places of creativity where diverse people, ideas, and cultures meet and flourish.

They can be sites of uncertainty, risk, and opportunity. Edgy topics and practices call our longstanding assumptions into question. In Nashville, we invite public historians to consider the edges of what we do and who we are. What is on the horizon for public history? What happens on the porous boundaries of public history when we collaborate with other disciplines and new audiences? What can public historians contribute to addressing the cutting edge questions of our societies? Join us to discuss, debate, and question “history on the edge.” Continue reading

Professional opportunities April 15, 2014

CFP:Historical Auto/Biographies in the Arts,” an international conference in English and French, March 25-26 (Le Mans, France), March 27 (Angers, France), 2015
DEADLINE: June 15, 2014

CFP:Cotton in the American South and Beyond” – Oct. 22-215, 2015, Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.
DEADLINE: July 30, 2014

CONF: The Costume Society of America’s 40th Annual Symposium, “Reflecting Forward: 40 Years of CSA” – May 28- 31, 2014, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

EDU: Summer School, “History Takes Place: Dynamics of Urban Change” – Sept. 1-10, 2014, Rome, Italy

PUB: U.S. Department of State releases “Foreign Relations, 1977–1980, Volume XXI, Cyprus; Turkey; Greece” as part of a Foreign Relations subseries that documents the most important foreign policy issues of the Jimmy Carter administration.

Professional opportunities April 8, 2014

CFP:Experiences of World Heritage in Africa” seminar – Oct. 14-16, 2014, Rabat, Morocco
DEADLINE: April 30, 2014

CFP:Heritage Conservation and Preservation: Connecting cultures in a global world” issue of Indian Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies
DEADLINE: June 15, 2014

CFP:Imagine There Were No Humanities” conference – Nov. 20-21, 2014, Warsaw, Poland
DEADLINE: June 20, 2014

CFP:Brand New State: Oklahoma and the Great Plains in Transition,” Pioneer America Society: Association for the Preservation of Artifacts & Landscapes Conference – Oct, 9-11, 2014, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
DEADLINE: Sept. 5, 2014

Professional opportunities April 1, 2014

AWARD: Media & Technology Muse Awards for outstanding achievement in Galleries, Libraries, Archives or Museums (GLAM)

CFP: Reparative Histories: Radical Narratives of ‘Race’, and Resistance – Sept. 11-12, 2014, Brighton, U.K.
DEADLINE: May 7, 2014

CFP:Golden Ages: Styles & Personalities, Genres & Histories,” 2014 Film & History Conference – Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.
DEADLINE: June 1, 2014

CFP:Slavery, Memory and Citizenship” summer institute, August 18-22, 2014, Mexico City, Mexico
DEADLINE: June 20, 2014

CONF: The Social Impact of Museums, May 1-4, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

EDU: Summer archeology project seeks volunteers (experience not necessary) for excavation at Wiawaka Holiday House, Lake George, New York, U.S.

FUNDING: Assistance available from the Society of Architectural Historians to help with cost of illustrations for a first book focusing on the history of the built environment.
DEADLINE: June 1, 2014

PUB: Archaeology, Heritage, and Civic Engagement: Working Toward the Public Good (Barbara J. Little and Paul A. Shackel, Left Coast Press)

Project Showcase: From Chautauqua to Ricketts


Edward F. Ricketts in 1939. Photo credit: The Pat Hathaway Photo Collection, California Views Historical Photo Collection, via Wikimedia

Donald Kohrs is Branch Library Specialist at the Miller Library of Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove. For his  presentation at the National Council on Public History conference last week in Monterey, California, Don shared his recent findings associated with summer gatherings of the Pacific Coast Assembly of the Chautauqua Literary and Science Circle (1880-1926) in Pacific Grove. The founders of the assembly placed strong emphasis on instruction in the natural sciences, romantic literature, and the arts.  During the Digital Project Showcase, Don also told the story of finding the original books that composed the scientific library of Edward F. Ricketts (a collection that the marine biologist had left to the seaside laboratory upon his untimely death in 1948) and his efforts to identify the original contents of Ricketts’ library.

Don has degrees in biology and library science.  In addition to his Chautauqua project, he is exploring the history of the Hopkins Seaside Laboratory (1892-1925), and the early years of the Hopkins Marine Station (1917-1950).

Professional opportunities March 12, 2014

ANNCT: In April, the New York nonprofit SAFE/Saving Antiquities for Everyone will present the 2014 SAFE Beacon Award to the Egyptian archaeologist Dr. Monica Hanna to honor her outstanding achievement in raising public awareness about our endangered cultural heritage and the devastating consequences of the illicit antiquities trade in Egypt.

AWARD: Nominations now being accepted for the 2014 Governor’s Historic Preservation Awards honoring projects, individuals, and organizations for exemplary efforts in preserving California heritage.
DEADLINE: May 12, 2014

AWARD: The California Historical Society (CHS) in partnership with Heyday, an independent, nonprofit publisher, is seeking book manuscript submissions that celebrate California’s heritage for the annual California Historical Society Book Award.
DEADLINE: July 1, 2014

CFP: The Voice of Witness Education Program needs your help developing a new book, “Say it Forward.” We are currently seeking coordinators–people embarking on or planning their own oral history/storytelling projects with community groups and organizations–to work with us on a section of the book devoted to project case studies.
DEADLINE: March 15, 2014

CFP: THEN/HiER “Teaching the past” blogging contest for posts on major issues in Canadian history education.
DEADLINE: March 31, 2014

CFP: 5th Urban Space and Social Life: Theory and Practice Conference – “City Development in Its Natural and Built Environment,” June 16-18, 2014, Athens, Greece
DEADLINE: April 7, 2014

CFP:Visions of House and Home” – 15th Annual Northeast Historic Film Summer Symposium, July 24-26, 2014, Buckport, Maine, U.S.
DEADLINE: April 20, 2014

CFP:Collecting, Archiving, Publishing North America” – seeking contributors to issue of Text Matters
DEADLINE: June 15, 2014

CFP: Making New Washingtons: Historical Consciousness in a Transforming City, Nov. 20-23, 2014, Washington, D.C., U.S.
DEADLINE: May 18, 2014

CONF: Texas Oral History Association Conference, April 5, 2014, Nacogdoches, Texas, U.S.

EDU: Gilder Lehrman Center announces the Third Annual Yale Public History Institute and seeks applications from staff members at cultural institutions committed to programs interpreting African American history.
DEADLINE: March 21, 2014

FUNDING: Peg Strobel Travel Grants from the National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites (NCWHS) for costs associated with attending the 2014 Berkshire Women’s History Conference in Toronto, Ontario May 22-25, 2014.
DEADLINE: March 15, 2014

PUB: Museums and Truth (Fromm, Golding, Rekdal, eds.) from Cambridge Scholars Publishing

PUB: South Africa’s Border War: Contested Narratives and Conflicting Memories (Gary Baines) from Bloomsbury Publishing

“Seeds of Change”: A pop-up museum for Monterey

plantsHeading to Monterey for the National Council on Public History’s annual meeting next week?  Don’t forget to pack your contribution to NCPH’s first pop-up exhibit, “Seeds of Change:  Public History and Sustainability”!

Generated entirely from participant contributions and built onsite at NCPH, “Seeds of Change:  Public History and Sustainability” will examine how issues of sustainability converge with the work we are doing in public history.  We hope that the exhibit will facilitate conversation and serve as a forum for discussion about the conference theme.  We invite conference attendees to share their experiences with sustainable practices and to brainstorm creative ways that historians can help general audiences comprehend, historicize, and complicate discussions about sustainability. Continue reading

Professional opportunities March 5, 2014

ANNCT: The International Committee of the Blue Shield expresses its its deep concern regarding the safeguarding and protection of the invaluable cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine, as well as the institutions that house them and the people that care for them.
Read more of the statement

AWARD: Hans Manneby Memorial Fund to celebrate efforts in innovative organizational and structural areas, forms of collaboration, methods of communication and non-conventional thinking. Anyone who has inspired or been inspired by international and national collaboration can be nominated.
DEADLINE: April 30, 2014

CFP:Western Lands, Western Voices: The American West Center at Fifty,” A Symposium on Public Engagement in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Sept. 19-21, 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.

CONF: Pre-registration closes today for National Council on Public History conference in Monterey, California, U.S.

CONF: The Art of Science in New England, 1700-1920, March 15, 2014, Wellesley, Massachusetts, U.S.

CONF:What we have saved; what we have lost: John Muir’s Legacy, 1914-2014,” March 22, 2014, Stockton, California, U.S.

CONF: “From STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to STEAM (STEM + Art and Design)” – New York Museums in Action Annual Conference, March 30-April 1, 2014, Albany, New York, U.S.

CONF:After Slavery: from Memory to Reparations in the Atlantic World,” lecture by Myriam Cottias, April 16, 2014, Columbia University, New York, New York, U.S.

EDU: Museum Documentation, Principles and Practice,” Summer School of CIDOC (Comité International pour la Documentation) at Museum of Texas Tech University, July 21-25, 2014

NCH: National Coalition for History Washington Update, March 4, 2014 – Budget projections for federal history-related agencies; new grant-making guidelines for National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC); report shows strong economic benefits from national parks

PUB: Table of Contents for the Journal of the History of Collections, Vol. 26, No. 1 (March 2014)

Project Showcase: Gateway to U.S. Federal Reserve System centennial commemoration

screenshotDec. 23, 2013, marked the 100th anniversary of the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which established the Federal Reserve as the central bank for the United States. Financial panics and bank runs plagued the nation during the 19th and early 20th centuries, and the Panic of 1907 prompted many Americans to call for a central bank. In response, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, which President Woodrow Wilson signed into law to provide our country with a more stable financial system.

The yearlong centennial commemoration is an opportunity for the Federal Reserve System to promote a greater understanding and awareness of the Fed, including its mandate, structure, and functions. To that end, all 12 Federal Reserve districts are represented on a commemorative Gateway website. Brief Fed facts, information about key economic events, details about individuals instrumental in shaping the Fed, and insights into the Fed’s purpose make up the 11,000 artifacts housed on this interactive site.
In addition to the System website, the St. Louis Fed has created its own centennial website where visitors can explore 100 years of historical materials from the Eighth District, including an interactive timeline, photos and audio clips, and historical documents.
Providing public access to economic information and data has long been an important mission for the St. Louis Fed. Anyone interested in learning more or conducting personal research about the Fed is encouraged to explore the FRASER archive, the Fed’s electronic archive, to discover more about 100 years of US central banking.

The St. Louis Fed’s Library has also assembled a Federal Reserve Centennial Information/Display Package for libraries wishing to provide a display or exhibit about the Fed.  All materials are provided free and do not need to be returned. The information/display package contains brochures, posters, CDs, DVDs, teacher lesson plans, a map, bags of shredded currency, and historical postcards of Fed buildings then and now. To request a packet, contact Kathy Cosgrove at

~ Jane M. Davis, Digital Library Projects Coordinator